Roundwood Studio
December, 2022
Map artwork produced to sell on an online Etsy store
December, 2017
Eflux is designed to provide sufficient ambient or task lighting anywhere within the domestic environment. Using rotating sections to control the light output, Eflux can adapt to different lighting requirements in the home.
March, 2019
A Semi-Autonomous Family Vehicle Designed as part of a wider vision for 2035 mobility in Toronto, Canada
May, 2019
An ecosystem of connected devices that help residents have their say on how municipality funding is spent for the better of the area and community.
Unmanned Store
March, 2018
A Freelance Design visualisation project for Codegate, providing CAD designs and renders to use in the early stages of their unmanned store project.
LEGO Plane
April, 2018
A design for manufacture study of a LEGO plane with a full accurate rebuild in Solidworks.
Fuel Station Design
March, 2020
A Human Factors approach to studying a fuel station and identifying areas for improvement. Followed by a redesign using extensive user testing and evaluation.
Goggle Redesign
February, 2020
An environmentally sensitive design study of an existing set of ski goggles performed using LCA analysis and qualitative analysis. Followed by a proposed redesign reached through environmentally sensitive design strategies and LCA analysis.
Folding Pedal
November, 2017
A short week-long project for Frog Bikes, identifying a design opportunity for a new accessory for children’s bicycles. This design provides a rugged folding pedal mechanism to simplify bike storage and transport.
Hand Powered Engine
April, 2018
A design for manufacture study of a 3D printed aircraft engine with a full accurate rebuild in Solidworks and simulation modelling.
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